Pinjarrah Country Park

So our mates just bought a new camper trailer and wanted to give it a spin. We headed back to Pinjarrah Country Park, we stayed here last year and it was nice and peaceful, not to mention, not far from home.

The last time I wrote about it, it was “Pinjarrah Holiday Park”. They’ve changed their name (I think).

First thing is first, we stopped at Pinjarra Bakery for some pies and other treats. You can’t go camping without a bakery stop at some point! (if it’s possible)

We set up the campers then went for a bit of an explore along the river. It’s a lovely property with plenty of space. The kids loved┬áto watch the horses too. We spent the evening enjoying the fire and a bit of bubbly to celebrate the new camper. Great weekend!

For more information about this place, check out my previous write up in the link above

Murray River
Murray River
Walking to the river

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