Perth to Sydney


The first post of a series for our trip from Perth to Sydney, to Coffs Harbour, and back again. Across the Nullarbor and a few places in between!

1st Night, Norseman, in the bush. A great run, about 640km, from home through Brookton, through Hyden (past wave rock), to Norseman.

looking fresh at Wave rock before getting filthy


Wave Rock


Our camp at ‘gemfields’ near Norseman


another camp shot

Day 2, Norseman to Mundrabilla (80km west of border). What a great spot, it’s a rest stop with endless camp options and a long-drop if you dare use it. We always take the trusty Jimmy’s Thunderbox 🙂

90 mile straight


camp at Mundrabilla Jilah Rockhole Wayside Stop


Crossing the W.A. / S.A. border


one foot in each state


FJ’s near big stuff, rooey

Day 3, Streaky Bay, SA. This place is unreal, I would happily pack the camper and come spend a week or two here, brilliant spot!

what a spot

Day 4, Streaky Bay to Mambray Creek (Mount Remarkable) SA.

half way across, FJ’s near big stuff, Gallah

Mambray Creek is a lovely little camp ground, (paid, parks and wildlife maintained), good showers. Southern Flinders Ranges. Very busy (with animals), LOADS of wildlife, we had emu’s roo’s, huge 1.5m+ goanna’s just walking through camp! It was hot as hell 40+ and the fridges worked overtime to keep icypoles and beers cold 🙂 Woke up in the morning and the camper battery was down to 65% remaining, most power I’ve used in a night so far!

g’day mate, a friendly Emu

Day 5 & 6. Both nights were supposed to be bush (free) camps, but it was hot, how hot?

a bit hot

Needless to say, we chickened out of the bush camp idea and phoned the nearest caravan park with a pool. BIG4 in Mildura, and BIG4 in Wagga Wagga both came to the rescue. For $34/night for the family, we setup and sat in the pool with some coldies for a few hours.

Also bought two of these fans, they are AWESOME. I had my cordless drill and batteries with me, and the batteries work in these fans, or run em off 240V. They rocked, the whole trip!

Wagga Wagga camp

I looked on Wikicamps and saw that people suggested we ask for a grassy site down the back of the camp, it was worth it, unreal. River down there, I did a spot of fishing but didn’t hook up. Sadly, was after a Murray Cod and ended up with nothing :/

the river

Day 6.
Leaving Wagga, obligatory stop at Dog on the Tuckerbox. It was also our 10yr wedding anniversary whilst in Mildura, my wife bought me an Akubra. Love it. Looking the part now.

dog on the tuckerbox
FJ’s near big stuff, Marino, Goulburn

5 nights in Sydney at Lake Narrabeen park, lovely spot, right on the lake. It did rain for the first few days (non stop might I add, and I mean NON STOP). I had to go buy a tarp to cover the camper because after a while we ended up with a little water coming in a few spots, nothing major. Tarp worked well.

family gathering at Lane Cove reserve, Sydney


Aqua Life, Dugongs and more


Darling Harbour
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