Nanga Heritage Circuit

Most 4WD and camping enthusiasts have probably been to Dwellingup and have probably heard of the Captain Fawcett Commemorative Trail, a 4WD track that starts near Nanga Town site and ends near Quindanning.

Did you know there’s another trail in there called the Nanga Heritage Circuit? It’s not as long, is more of a loop, and as I discovered, difficult to complete as per the documented map due to over-growth and disuse of some parts.

I chucked the kids in the 4WD and headed there for a day trip some months ago. Stopped for lunch by the river, had a little walk and a bit of an adventure.

Here’s a little video of a few parts:


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2 Replies to “Nanga Heritage Circuit

  1. Gday mate, looking to head up there with the kids for a few nights next week, do you think a Subaru forester could handle the track alright? I read on the dpaw site that the cpt Fawcett track has been being worn out this winter so this may be the other option

    1. Hi mate, my previous car was a Forester, great ride!

      Usually the trails in there are no problem for a Forester however at the moment they are indeed in very poor condition. Some of the bog holes are very deep and muddy, risky for any 4WD that isn’t travelling in convoy.

      There are still some areas you could probably go, in fact I was in there just a couple of nights ago. I could email you some coordinates if you are keen, including the exact spot i camped at which the kids might like, next to the river, with some rapids and rocks. Just be warned it gets to 0C at the moment and you will need to be very well prepared for the cold. I slept in three layers, had a hot water bottle, beanie, mega thick sleeping bag. But the weather was stunning. Worth it.

      Regards, James

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