Linga Longa at Lynton Station

Henry Sanford's Stables

Cool name, and it’s difficult to not “Linga Longa” here. As they say, you come for a night and stay for a week.

Lynton Station is an old Convict transfer depot from the 1800’s, it’s about 6km south of Port Gregory and a little way in past Northampton on the road to Kalbarri. Not easy to miss, there are plenty of ruins, a restored “Sanford House” on the hill, and lots of wide open spaces. It sits adjacent to the Hutt River mouth on the ocean.

We had planned to camp at Lucky Bay, a popular beach camping location not too far south of Kalbarri, but the wind was up, really up. My backup plan was to check out this station, so a phone call was made. The owners advised there was space, a good start! I let her know the size of our group and our types of rigs, all good.

We arrived late in the afternoon, around 6pm, as one of our crew had car issues which meant limping from Shark Bay to Kalbarri. In fact, we left them in Kalbarri in the capable hands of a mechanic while we took off to setup camp. Our convoy was three rigs deep, down to two for the arrival at Lynton Station.

We arrived and were greeted promptly by the caretakers, very nice people. Vic was awesome, he dropped over to our spot briefly to say g’day and that he’d catch us in the morning. He could clearly see we were busy setting up and trying to beat the setting sun. What a champ. The next morning he dropped in to handle the camp fee’s, give us a great run down of the history of the station, and give the kids some exciting challenges and missions to complete.

Level grassy site, with shade, check. Super clean amenities, check. Water, Power, check. $25/night. Not bad.

We took some time on our first day to check out the station, the old Sandford House, the Sanford Stables (now with antiques and state history), the ruins of the convict depot, and took a hike up the epic hill to the top for a surprise statue and impressive views of the river and ocean. So much history here, it was very interesting!

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It is worth noting that the wind here was brutal during the day, especially one day where it was around 50k/h constantly. Some serious camper tethering was required. Thank you bluescrews! You can’t beat them. Regular stakes and pegs just couldn’t handle it. The late arvo and evenings were far more pleasant!

We played footy, Frisbee, and Charlotte even learnt to ride her bicycle without training wheels for the first time, what a champ.

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We took a day trip to Kalbarri (approx 60km) for some shopping, sight seeing, lunch and ice creams. It was super busy (school holidays)


We’d decided to stay three nights. On day two we headed in to Port Gregory for a look around. The kids were pretty excited to see a pink lake! Many questions needed to be answered.

After ice-creams at the Port Gregory general store, we decided to take a look at the beach, drove straight on, flicked the vehicles in to 4WD and took the beach all the way back to our camp, pretty easy going run! We’d decided we would have a crack at fishing in the morning.


Last day at the station, we’d gotten up very early for a fish. Lots of wind and only two tailor caught. At least we had a crack, the beach was beautiful, as was the sunrise.

It was the end of our two week holiday, starting at Murchison Offroad Adventures, on to Denham in Shark Bay, and now finishing up at Lynton Station.

If you’re every after a top camping and fishing spot not far out of Kalbarri, check this place out! It’s very peaceful and they have everything needed to accommodate anyone, even some donga/cabins.

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