LEGO Brick Man Experience

my fave display
my fave display

Something different. On the weekend Melissa (wife) took us all in to town to check out the Lego “Brick Man Experience”. Ryan Mcnaught is a “certified lego professional” (the only one in Australia), think about that for a minute. Yes, he gets to play with lego, it’s his job..

My family love Lego, our house is full of it, we have a room pretty much dedicated to it, it’s everywhere. Lego trains, Lego City, Lego Harry Potter, Lego super hero stuff, Lego elves, Lego friends, Lego technic, the works.

So we jumped on the train to head to Elizabeth Quay (the train ride is half the fun for the kids) and arrived early. The kids watched the jellyfish ‘blooping’ around in the river while we waited.

Then we queued, then we got inside. Very clever, they ran it in ‘sessions’. So if you went in at 9AM, you were expected to be out by 11AM (or something like that) and so on.

Just wow, talk about masterpieces of Lego. Gigantic star wars x-wing, huge helicopter, rocket ships, the love boat, a Ferrari, the Sydney Opera House, a jet aircraft, and so so so much more.

I’ll leave you with this gallery of photos on flickr

and this video

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