Easter Camping

This Easter gone, I made an almost-last minute (okay it was a few weeks before) decision to take the wife and kids camping. I packed up the FJ and camper trailer and we headed down south for the long weekend.

I tried and tried to get a booking at a grassy site somewhere. We wanted a place to stay that we could leave our camper setup and go adventuring. Something I’m not confident doing with free/bush camps. I managed to book in at Ayr Sailean, although only for Saturday and Sunday night, so we bush-camped on Friday night at Grimwade.



Grimwade is an old timber town not far from Donnybrook and Balingup in the South-West of W.A. The only remains of this town are some clearings, old soak wells, some plumbing, concrete footings and an absolutely bucket load of fruit trees.

Grimwade, also known as Grimwade Dam is about a 3hr drive south of Perth city and about 13km north-east of Balingup.

It was busy when we arrived before lunch on Friday (good Friday), but with the off-road camper in tow, we found a spot after a bit of scouting for some terrain that was level enough to setup on. Of course, not before some pretty gnarly 4WD’ing through some of the nearby timber plantations. I found a killer hill climb with deep ruts which thankfully wasn’t too slippery, we navigated slowly down it with the trailer behind without issue and cut-back through the plantation until finding a nice clearing.

That evening we played some board games and the kids entertained themselves with a rope swing I put up. I gathered some firewood (even though I had bought my own with me) and prepared the fire-pit. Soon later we had our new invention the ‘pizza log’ on the firepit, followed by marshmallows!

Obligatory video

On Saturday morning we packed up camp and headed further south to Ayr Sailean. This place is in a great location, at Bow Bridge, between Walpole and Denmark right on the South Coast Hwy. We had been shuffled around in to a different camp site, and while a little squeezy with the level ground, it had spectacular views over the neighbours dam and the sunset was just incredible.

On Sunday morning we scoffed our bacon and egg breakfast and went for a little adventure. I wanted to try my luck at some salmon so we headed down to Nornalup for “Blue Holes”, a nice little beach down some fun trails. The wind was blowing so hard I was pretty much casting lures on top of myself so I gave up and we went for some more 4WD’ing before heading in to Walpole for lunch. I’d never seen Walpole so busy! I suppose it was Easter!

Leaving Walpole we headed back to Ayr Sailean, picked up the pooch, had a relax at camp, then decided to go for a trek to the swiss choc lounge just outside Denmark. We’ve been there before, just had to go back, that hot choc! mmmm. I also grabbed a reasonable supply of dark choc too. If you’re in the area, be sure to check them out. The gardens here are stunning, kids love it.

Back to camp for Sunday night where I cooked up some lamb chops on the weber and knocked up some mash potato on the stove. Yum. The next morning we packed up slowly and headed home via Albany Hwy this time. Dropped in for coffee at Ravens in Denmark:

Then past the Albany Anzac memorial / fortress, and finally, to see my uncle in Mount Barker but he wasn’t home, so we hit up the bakery (so good), and took off straight home.

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    1. Yeah being a free-camp it’s always a risk! Our second spot at Ayr Sailean I had booked but only through a cancelation. These places book out a year in advance!

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