Dwellingup Winter Camp #2

Went for another winter camp this time with a mate, in Dwellingup, boy does it get cold in there.. I slept in clothes, in 2x sleeping bags, with a hot-water bottle too (was the best! not sure why I didn’t think of the water bottle previously, was still warm when I got up the next morning)

Lovely spot by some rapids, such great camping and not far from Perth! Some of the area is closed off because the tracks are in very poor state. We snuck in through the middle on a less travelled track that was in ace condition although over grown with only a couple of slipper challenges, it starts off Nanga Rd and pops out right at this camp site joining up to part of the ‘nanga heritage trail’.

The GPS coords of the exact spot: -32.835902, 116.130486

Didn’t have the FJ for this one, so went with my mate in his ride. My gear, the bunker and a space case:

Jet Tent Bunker, just awesome

Someone hacked down a small tree with an axe, so i ‘tidied up’ the top of the stump with the hand saw and made it in to a little table
The camp site

You can kind of see the river and rapids just next to the camp. Watch out for the berry vines, brutal….

The weekend was sunny the entire time, perfect camping conditions really!

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