Without a doubt one of our favourite places to get a bit of an off-road fix. Dwellingup is only about an hour east of the west coast and offers lovely scenery and some fun trails with the occasional challenge section.

We met at our usual meeting point, a rest-stop on the Forest Hwy, had a quick chat, all checked in on UHF and head off for an adventure

Quentin hitting the first little challenge in his Prado 150. A nice little angle going on.

Going down! Luke in his new D-MAX, he’s loving it! A nice little washout on this trail means careful wheel placement

Sharvi tackling a steep hill climb in his 200 series cruiser, cracker views from up here!

Going UP! James climbing a bit of a sloppy hill climb out of our river-side morning tea stop. The Murray River is loaded with nice spots like this one although they are getting more difficult to find because many spots are becoming shut down and closed off by parks and wildlife. Bummer

Sharvi guides Quentin up the same hill. Quite slippery!

A great day was had by all, we had a cook up on Quentin’s Weber Q while the kids played around the river bank. We made our way back out and aired up when we hit the black-top.

Dwellingup is a great place for family 4WD fun. It offers many challenges and great scenery. For even more challenge, further south is Brunswick and Harvey which offers even more gnarly terrain to tackle! Until next time!

Photos by Melissa @melmandy977

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