The brainchild of ‘Tofty’ and Brett Hooker, the Drifta Fans Camping Event (DFCE) is exactly what it sounds like, a 4WD and camping event for like-minded enthusiasts to get together, have some fun, and relax.

In 2017 the setting was Camp Cobark, at the foot of the Barrington Tops, a well known central NSW coast 4WD and camping mecca. Around 100 groups of people set up their camp along the river edge and enjoyed a relaxing weekend. We’re talking around three hundred campers!

Highlights of the camp included special guests from Japan. The crew from Uniflame, and the international sales manager from Snow Peak. Ronny Dahl from 4WDinWA made it over, and who can forget Tofty’s epic fire-pit party or the Elvis performance?

In a completely relaxed atmosphere, campers had an opportunity to check out everyone else’s camp sites, get new ideas and have conversations. From motorcycles with swags, to Brett Hookers “tent city”, there was something for everyone.

Drifta ‘camp’ HQ

2018 is gearing up to be pretty special. The DFCE will be held on May 18 to May 21 and again will be hosted at Camp Cobark. Expect the same kind of thing from 2017, but MORE. MORE campers, MORE entertainment and MORE tag-along touring.

2018 will be just as relaxed, but with a socialised schedule of activities including 4WD trips, cooking sessions, coffee brewing and gear workshops and details on evening activities.

The DFCE brings together Drifta fans and provides an opportunity to try-out some gear, camp with with friends, and just have a great time.

In 2018 we are again expecting some special guests! Stay tuned.

You’ll need to be completely self sufficient. There’s no power or water and the nearest town is 20-30 minutes away. As before, firewood will likely be provided. Keep your eyes peeled on the Drifta Community webpage for information as it becomes available!

Cya’s there! James

Every type of Drifta Offroad Trailer for inspection!
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