Well it’s certainly been a while since my last (and first) post!  Where has the time gone?

Since my last post, I managed to talk my wife into letting me buy a camper trailer.  Now this isn’t a camper trailer by normal definition, it doesn’t have a roof top tent or a tent that is attached to the camper.  The trailer was custom built by John Pappas trailers for a bloke to carry his quad bikes in.  He sold it to another bloke who decked it out for camping.  Here’s a quick list of what he did to it:

Pictures speak louder than words! (these images supplied by the previous owner of the camper)




I had to do a couple of modifications, the first to the fridge slide as on full extension the fridge would just not clear the canvas.  It was close, about 10-15mm just shy of what we needed.  I ended up cutting and drilling a couple of pieces of timber under the end of the slide inside the trailer to put it at an angle.  It works perfectly and the fridge opens without any obstruction.



The second modification was to the Drifta Kitchen.  Well, not so much the kitchen itself, but to the box the kitchen is stored in.  It looked perfect to put mounts on for our solar panel, so this is what I did.


We’d only had the big green cube as we affectionately call it for a week and a half before we took it on a trip to Jurien Bay, some two hours north of our place.

Just after arriving in Jurien Bay, we stopped at the shops to get some magazines to read.  My wife and daughter went in to the shops, and shortly after I noticed something resembling smoke or steam coming from the engine bay.  Long story short, we thought it was the diff leaking, turned out to be the rear airconditioning pipes were in a bad location and the weight of the trailer on the towball had caused the pipes to rub against the diff and put a hole in it.  It wasn’t smoke, it was just the aircon gas escaping!

We continued on our way to the camp site.










All in all we had a great time.

Since we’ve been back, I’ve had the Patrol fully serviced, new swival hubs and bearings fitted, the airconditioning piping repaired and rerouted away from the diff and this weekend I’m going to replace the broken HID light kit with a new HID light kit.

So, with all of that said, on to the camping trip.

We’re heading up to Monkey Mia, with our first night at Horrocks, eight nights at Tamala Station, four nights at Monkey Mia Dolphin Resort and our final night before heading home at Linga Longa at Lynton Station.

This will be the longest trip we’ve done with our daughter, Lillian, and the longest trip Avril and I have done since we drove to Broome back in April 2011.

I’ll make sure to take a heap of photos and video to share with you all upon our return!





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  1. Sweet setup! The trip sounds awesome, looking forward to the trip report and I’m sure you’ll be back with even more changes / improvements to the ‘cube’ 🙂

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