UHF Radio install

So last week I finished up the CB radio install before heading out on the first off-road trip in the FJ.

It’s a GME TX3100 80-chan, with GME fiberglass/spring ground-independant antenna.

I wasn’t happy with just sticking or bolting the radio to the console or dash, so I made up a nifty little bracket and mounted it to the roof between the crawl control console and the rear view mirror. Very sturdy! The wiring goes through the headlining and down the pillar.

installed above

I installed the antenna in the ARB steel front bar. Just in the passenger side hole (made for it).


How did it go? Very well, very clear and great to use. However, on yesterdays first bush-bash, the antenna does cop a fair bit of vegetation with it being mounted on the corner of the car. All good, still solid!

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