Supa-Peg Supa Wing

Picked up a Supa-Peg, Supa Wing (2.5m) and fitted it up to the FJ. Supa-Peg are an Australian company (Supa RV), and manufacture awnings and other caravan and camping accessories. The canvas is Wax Converters Textiles, 450gm, water and rot proof, 100% UV protection.

Supa-Peg also make the “Rapid Wing”, which is a more ‘bat-like’ wing like a foxwing or ostrich. The benefit of the Supa Wing is additional shade. The first section off the side of the FJ is rectangular, like any conventional awning, then the wing spreads out and around the back.

The quality of this awning blows me away. I sold my ARB awnings to buy this awning, and while the ARB awnings are a good unit, the quality is no where near the Supa-Peg.

I fitted the Supa Wing to the OEM rack with Fourtrek mounts. I had to use the ‘dual tool’ mounts that I had, as the ARB awning mounts had the wrong bolt pattern/spacing. Even the dual tool mounts required some minor modification to work (a little drilling and grinding).

Setup is more involved than conventional awnings, obviously, as there are more poles, pegs, ropes, etc. But if you don’t mind the extra setup and pack-down time, you will certainly appreciate the awesome shade it provides!


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