When space in your four wheel drive, kayak, camper or backpack is at a premium, you need gear that packs small, is lightweight and preferably can serve more than one purpose.

There is a mind-boggling amount of outdoor cooking gear available these days and finding the right gear to suit your purposes can be time consuming and costly. How many pots, pans, cutlery, bowls, plates, cups, etc have you purchased and replaced over the years in order to find the holy grail?

Great for the single-burner Primus

Enter the Snow Peak Lander ‘black’ cook-set. Made of non-stick coated aluminium and packing in a ‘stack’ formation, not too unlike the old army mess-tin’s the kit consists of a shallow fry-pan, large pot with lid, and small pot with lid, all fitting snugly together in a draw-corded net pouch. Each pan is separated by a soft cloth (included) to prevent the non-stick surfaces from scratching. The pans also include really neat fold-out handles making it easy to handle each pot or pan on your stove.

conveniently packed


If cooking for groups is your thing, you might want to consider something else. While the Lander cook-set could boil and simmer for a group, you won’t be frying four steaks at a time in the included shallow pan. Steaks aside, you could certainly cook up enough rice, pasta, or re-heat a meal for a group.

Snow Peak have cleverly stamped little indicators in to the side of the two deeper pots for your rice-cooking needs. One indicator for rice, one for water, making it super easy to have the right ratio when out on the trails or at camp. Easy. I put it to the test and indeed the end result was great consistency.

measures for rice to water ratio

The Lander black cook-set lives permanently in the drawers of our four wheel drive. I can be fishing at the beach and scale/clean a fish ready to fry right there, fresh. Or knocking up a quick meal whilst out on the trails. I’ve used the cook-set on a single-burner butane stove, LPG stove, and even using my Jetboil (which also lives in the four wheel drive). It doesn’t get much handier!

fry pan and two pots with lids
large pot lid also fits the fry pan

You can buy Snow Peak products here in Australia from http://www.drifta.com.au/

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