Over the Easter weekend we packed the family into the car, hitched up the camper trailer and headed to a mates property only about five minutes away from our place for an overnight camp. With wide-open farm spaces and plenty of trees, it was a great opportunity to try out the new Snow Peak pets products from Drifta.

The Snow Peak ‘hanger line’ (PT-120) is a webbing/rope “run” for your dog. By setting it up between two trees, or posts, your dog can have a long ‘run’ around camp or at the caravan park. Far better than being stuck on a lead or leash. The design of the line allows for easy set up. Two-piece design means you attach each piece to a tree or post, then join the two together with a unique metal buckle system with tensioner action. Along the line you have a stainless steel ‘ring’ for tethering your dog using your regular walking leash/lead. Once setup, woofy can roam along the line with ease and extra freedom.

Cooper the mini schnauzer showing us how it works

I like the idea of setting it up so my dog can hang out with the family around the camp fire area, but also wander off in the distance a little for doggy doo-doo time. Previously I only had a length of rope, and a ground tether which was always absolutely filthy, especially in muddy winter camps. The ‘hanger line’ is far safer and much tidier being up off the ground out of the mud or dirt.

Another nifty Snow Peak ‘pets’ product is the “Dog Anchor 50” (PT-032). It’s a 50cm long forged steel stake, a lot like the other Snow Peak ground stakes, but, longer, and with a ‘swivelling’ collar and stainless steel ring, again for tethering your pet, but this time in once place. You could actually combine the two products, ground anchoring the ‘hanger line’ near your sitting area.

great no-tangle solution

Snow Peak also make an excellent ‘dog cot’ (bed) for your fur pal which I’ve written about before here

This gear is going to be a big hit for so many different types of campers. Bush campers who frequent state parks that might have fox baits (1080) and want to keep their best mates close by… Grey Nomads who won’t go anywhere without their dogs… families at Caravan Park’s where only “dogs on leads” are allowed. Get it all at drifta.com.au

For a closer look at how it all works, check out the video:

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2 Replies to “Snow Peak Hanger Line and Dog Anchor

  1. That is awesome! I’m going to get the run for bush camping where there is a chance of baiting. So much better that the long rope lead I’ve had dragon in the dirt and my dog getting caught up around chair and table legs. Thanks for sharing! I will pass this on to all my camping friends who have dogs 🙂

    1. Hey Michelle, yeah it’s certainly not a new idea, but it is very well executed, the product is good… I’m often camping where there might be baits, so it’s nice to have confidence that your loved one will be OK!

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