Silky BIGBOY saw

A new toy arrived in the mail this week from my mates at Drifta

It’s a ‘Silky BIGBOY’, a folding saw from Japan.

Silky BIGBOY folding saw
Silky BIGBOY folding saw

It’s a neat bit of kit, light, folds down nicely (which I love), and handy. I was quick to have a crack at it out the back but really need to get out and test it in the field.

As with many Japanese hand saws, the cutting is done on the ‘pull’ motion, not the ‘push’ motion. It’s very easy to use, especially with two hands, and cuts like butter!

Some info:

Weight: 450gm
Length: 360mm
Blade: 4-angle, hardened steel, 7teeth per 3cm, 1.3mm wide, 1.4mm kerf, replaceable
Alu and rubberised handle grip

Drifta will have these available on their website really soon. I can see this joining the rest of my tools in the back of the 4WD, it will easily take care of most cutting tasks when out and about on the trails and at camp sites!

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