Series: Gear that folds up Part 1

I realised after returning from our recent camping trip that having gear that packs down smartly is such a luxury. When I say “packs down nicely” I mean folds, collapses, or stores in a clever way to save space for more items. I’m always on the lookout for gear that can pack this way (smartly) because I just can’t spare the space when packing to go away, the FJ isn’t the biggest tourer, in fact, by the time I’ve put the family in there, the Engel fridge, and the dog, there’s not much space left!

So I’m going to start a series of posts to talk about gear that packs up nicely, saving space and hopefully retaining convenience.

Things that fold flat:

1. Jimmy’s Thunderbox


Made in Victoria, Australia, it’s a bush toilet! It’s only 40x40x2.5 cm, yes, 2.5cm thin when packed up. Dig a hole, line the thunderbox with some bio bags and you’re done. Without a doubt one of the top ranking items at the camp site from the strict panel of judges (wife and kids). Packs down to probably 1/15th the size of a regular chemical toilet.

2. Snow Peak Pack and Carry Fire Pit (large)

Marinated chicken breast and some corn
Marinated chicken breast and some corn

Incredible Japanese stainless-steel origami in action. 65x56x2.5cm, yes 2.5cm! Of course with the extra items (base plate, grill, etc) this size is bigger, but it sill packs flat, cook your breakfast or dinner, keep warm, it has it all. I love this thing and always take it with me when I’m going camping. I often set it up out the back at home for a BBQ too.

3. Projecta Travel Friendly Solar Panel Kits

I wanted solar but didn’t like the idea of carting around the big panels. When I came across this kit, I had to have it. I bought the 120W version (they also do an 80W). I’ve only used the kit once so far, it was great. I love that it packs down nice and small! I’ll soon re-wire it to suit plugging in to the Redarc on board the FJ. It weighs about 7kg and is only a few cm thick.

4. Snow Peak Pour over Coffee Dripper

dripper pic


Oh boy do I love coffee! Coffee while camping? Perfection! The Snow Peak pour over dripper folds super flat and will take a few different types of paper filter! Don’t go camping without one!

5. Snow Peak Chopping Board and Knife Set

Aww, it’s so cute. It’s a folding chopping board with a knife inside! I keep the small kit in the back of the FJ in the drawers at all times, excellent for making sandwiches when out 4WD’ing or camping!

Well that’s it for this post. I’ll be sure to come back with more gear that packs down awesomely. But before I go, here’s a photo of the above items, stacked on top of each other for reference! All this gear in such a small space!

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