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You’ve probably worked out by now that I’m a bit coffee obsessed. The kitchen at home has a space allocated to preparation of coffee. My “Brew Bar”. I love¬†coffee!

I can’t travel without coffee. I always pack a travel kit no matter where i’m heading. 4WD day trip for some hill climbs or mud? Pack the coffee. Weekend camping trip? pack it. On a flight somewhere? I even brew coffee ON THE PLANE. Yeap.

I recently wrote about the Snow Peak coffee dripper (pour over), read here for my thoughts. It includes a little blurb on equipment used to brew coffee at camp, recipe, etc.

Recently, something new arrived in the mailbox. It’s a Snow Peak Titanium Mug. Thanks to the crew at Drifta for sending it!

It’s a double-walled and insulated titanium mug. It can hold 450ml and weighs approx. 116gm. The handles fold down for easier packing, and it came with a nice little mesh bag. Ideal if it’s packed in a crate or box so it doesn’t “clang and bang” around the place. (like in the back of the 4WD)

I was instantly curious about the ‘double walled and insulated’ feature. I had to put this to test. So I put my lab coat on (not really) and ran some very basic science on it.

The test:


Water heated to 96C (measured), Poured in to the Snow Peak mug (uncovered), and also a conventional porcelain mug (of same size) for comparison. Test the water temp in each mug at 2min, 5min, and 10min. Note, each mug had 200gm measured water added.

The results:


Snow Peak Mug: 82C @ 2 min, 73C @ 5 min, 64C @ 10 min

Conventional Porcelain Mug: 78C @ 2 min, 69C @ 5 min, 60C @ 10 min

What does this mean Watson? You will notice the figures all fall over the time frame at the same rate between the two mugs. 9C dropping each for each interval measured. So the rate of the water cooling down is the same. Interesting. BUT. Look at the initial reading. The porcelain mug was 4C cooler at the first reading and across the board. I can only assume that the porcelain mug ‘soaked up’ some of that heat, but once warm, maintained the same rate of temp drop as it’s higher-tech titanium counterpart. In simple terms, the Titanium mug keeps the brew warmer from the get-go.

At a guess, I would say that if you had the optional lid for the Ti mug, you would have warm coffee for half a day or more. Like a thermos.

Enough science!!

Real-world use. Titanium is bad-ass, it’s strong as heck, and light. Read about the kind of equipment that hikers take on their travels and you find many opt for Titanium. Titanium cutlery, cookery, and so on, because it’s tough, and it’s lightweight. Both of these things apply when camping or four-wheel-driving. You want tough gear that won’t break on the roughest terrain, but want it to be light-weight because something needs to off-set all the crap your missus brings on those trips! (hah, just kidding, or am I?). Another huge plus, you won’t burn your lips on the mug, it’s just right!

Lets not forget form over function. It’s no good if it looks pretty, but doesn’t get the job done. Technology has come a long way over the years. These days, you can eat and drink with gear that weighs half as much as the old-school gear. But will it last as long? Only time can tell.

Stop talking and brew some coffee already!

Luke the Drifta with some great tips

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