Review: Snow Peak Low Chair

In our homes, we like our creature comforts, like that recliner or sofa that you just love to relax on.

Why should it be any different when we leave our home and go on an adventure?

Many years ago, camping was very simple and the gear we took with us was simple. We didn’t have any fancy gadgets, slick 12 volt products, etc. These days however, you can buy just about anything for camping that you would have at home in a version or design that is built for purpose. Light weight, small-packing, low power, etc.

While there is a huge market now for camping and touring products, and the price of gear is getting cheaper and cheaper all the time, there is one thing still quite difficult to find in camping products that you find down at your local mega-epic-camping store. Quality. Why is this? Perhaps because “quality” costs more. It’s a fact, if you want something built to last, with exceptional materials, it will cost more. Is it such a bad thing to spend more on something that will last longer, is comfier or more fit for purpose, made of better materials, perhaps more aesthetically pleasing?

Take camp chairs for example. You can buy a camp chair at your local hardware, fishing, camping shop for $10. You’ll take it camping, use it once or twice, then probably throw it away. It’s made of the cheapest materials, with plastic fittings, and after a few days in the sun, it may very well just fall apart.

I’ve been through so many camp chairs I’ve lost count, I’ve even spent what I would consider a reasonable sum for a camp chair, only to have it eventually fail. Camp chairs are a really tough item to purchase for a number of reasons:

  • Comfort (is this chair suitable for my body?)
  • Purpose (will this chair work well in the outback, on rocks, at the beach, on grass?)
  • Durability (will this chair survive intense sun, rain, dirt, being dropped, pushed over, kids?)
  • Pack size (will this chair fit in my 4WD or camper? how much does it weigh?)
  • Speed (how long is it going to take to set this chair up?)
  • Cost (how much does this chair cost in relation to the above items?)

And then, along came the Snow Peak ‘low’ chair. I was told that when I go to sit in this chair, I won’t want to get out of it. It’s true.


I’m a pretty lazy kind of bloke, I like to lounge around, and this chair is perfect for exactly that, chilling out. It’s very comfortable with a high-back, low position, and angled front-section on the seat so it doesn’t “cut in” to your legs, perfectly angled bamboo arm rests for being even more lazy when sitting!

It is fit for most purposes, I’ve had them out on the beach, and on the rocks (as per the pic). It’s excellent for sitting around the fire pit, and even comfortable enough to sit and eat from. When on the beach it is recommended to brush or dust off the beach sand from the legs before folding. It will be fine if you don’t, but it will save some sand-crunching sounds if you give it a clean, and probably increase it’s life.

It is tough and light weight. Made of aluminium with stainless steel fittings, and a really hardy and heavy-grade canvas. It weighs only 3.5kg, packs down in to a long and slim form factor for stowing in a bag with shoulder strap.

Super quick to setup just by pulling it open, nothing else to do, super quick to pack away too.

Oh, and it just looks awesome, Snow Peak seem to make things fold so well. Have you seen the fire pits?

While not a cheap chair (about $175 AUS), it will certainly last, and for me, ticks all the boxes. They are available in different colours and usually always in stock at

It is a reasonable sum to spend on a chair, and you might like to try before you buy! If you’re in the Perth area, I’ll gladly let you check mine out if you are curious before making a purchase. Cheers, James

more photos:

those amazing fittings
Beautiful bamboo arm rests
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3 Replies to “Review: Snow Peak Low Chair

  1. Thank you for your review of these chairs. I’ve been on the fence about buying two of them but am going to pull the trigger now after reading your review.

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