Review: Snow Peak Fire Pit

all setup
all setup

There isn’t much that is more exciting than when the postman arrives at the front door with packages.

It was a box from Drifta. These guys supply the Aussie masses with great Snow Peak gear, among other things. Check them out. So what’s inside? My recent Snow Peak order, a large “pack and carry” fire-pit combo. What’s in the combo? A large fold-flat fire pit, grill bridge, grill mesh, base plate, stand, heavy-duty canvas bag, and more. Check out the Drifta website for more info.

I unpacked it and set it up to get a look at it. It’s pretty cool, and I love how it packs down nicely, really important when space is limited in your vehicle!

packed away, about 5cm thick
packed away, about 5cm thick

Off we went camping down south for three nights. When setting it up on the first night, some of the blokes didn’t think it was big enough. Until it was burning away and keeping everyone warm!

Todd warming his feet

The unit is absolute quality. Stainless steel, excellent design, folds either way, flat. The heavy duty canvas bag is just awesome, and tough, it holds everything securely.

On the first night, we cooked a whole 6-7kg salmon right on top of it, no problem!

Sammy the Salmon on the coals

The next morning we cooked breakfast on it. The next night scotch fillet steaks, sausages, baked potatoes, and so on.

You can set the fire pit up on it’s own on the ground, or if you are in a grassy area, or space that you don’t want the ground messed up, use the raised base to keep the coals and heat away from the ground.

All setup for the night

I used the base plate to hold pots, pans, food, etc. Very useful.

You can burn your fire as big or small as you like, you could easily cook with just a few logs, or have it cranking as hard as you like. Basically you can burn only a little timber if you desire.

Enjoying a glass of red while keeping warm
Enjoying a glass of red while keeping warm

The grill bridge is really clever, it’s adjustable in height, you might find that mid-way through your cook up, the coals are cooling a little, just drop the bridge so your feed is closer to the coals and you are right. Think of it as temperature adjusting! You don’t have to buy all the extras, it’s easy to put a pot or pan right on the coals!

Marinated chicken breast and some corn
Marinated chicken breast and some corn

These awesome fire pits are avail in small, med, large. If you tour on a bike, a small pit would work perfectly for you.

The kids love to toast marshmallows over the coals too, they’re always asking if we can have a fire going!

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3 Replies to “Review: Snow Peak Fire Pit

  1. Great review! Another option for using the fire pit, I purchased the large (firepit only) with the large coal bed to use with a 14 inch Dutch Oven, and it works perfectly! It is sturdy enough to hold the weight of the oven and contents and the grill plate is the perfect size for such a large dutch oven,
    Since then, I have ordered the bridge and grill…..looking forward to it!

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