N-FAB Steps


Yesterday I installed the N-FAB Steps to the OEM Toyota rock rails.

My reasons for choosing these steps:

I really like the OEM rails, they are good quality, strong, and do their job well, very protective.
I didn’t want to change to an all-in-one slider/step because the steps are never low enough
The N-FAB’s can be removed easily (two bolts each) in about 1min each if you are planning to drive over some rough stuff

I ordered them from summitracing.com and they arrived in less than two weeks to my door. They has the best shipping I could find (about $100USD), some wanted $300-400 USD for shipping!

They come very well packaged, include mounting hardware (bolts/nuts) and booklet (torque settings, tools required, orientation directions)

I must say I’m very please with the quality and finish. They match the OEM rails amazingly and just bolt right on. The wife and kids are very happy!


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