More Snow Peak gear

This stuff really is awesome. It doesn’t matter what you are into.. hiking, biking, touring by van, 4WD, camper or caravan, these guys have something for you. Snow Peak that is.

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Recently, a new haul of Snow Peak gear arrived at the front door from my mates over east at Drifta.

This time:

2x Snow Peak ‘low’ chairs
1x Ti Cafepress (french press)
1x pink/purple Ti double-wall mug
1x folding chopping board & knife kit
2x Ti ‘sporks’
1x “Lander Black” cookset

I immediately started to unpack the gear to have a look. I just had to sit in the chair first. ‘Luke the Drifta’ was right, once you’re in it, you don’t want to get out of it! How am I ever going to get up at camp to brew coffee’s?

I’ll be testing this gear out and writing reviews on a per-item basis very soon. For now, check out this link for these slick un-boxed photo’s I took at home.

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