MadebyKnock Feldfarb Coffee Grinder

A while back I noticed that Peter @ “made by knock” posted up on his instagram that he had some “feldfarb” grinders coming up on his website for sale. These things are like unicorns, non-existant. I’ve been waiting for a boss hand-grinder ever since I sent my Comandante C-40 back due to some issues with it.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with the trusty Porlex hand grinder, top unit, good value for money, but I wanted something that was really great from espresso to drip / filter.

Peter hand-makes these grinders in the U.K. with precision. They have machined steel/alu parts, sealed ball bearings, accurately-aligned burrs and a great finish that screams “quality”.

It finally arrived. I originally ordered mine in orange, but then I thought, hang on, I’ll go camping with this a lot, it will take up residence on the Drifta Camper Kitchen next to the red Primus stove. So I changed my order to red.

Featuring a very-easy to adjust 38mm burr set and just brilliant ease of use, I’m really keen to get it on the road and will certainly have that opportunity in a couple of weeks when we drive from west to east.

So, without further ado, here are some photos (taken on my iphone) of the “Made by Knock – Feldfarb”.


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