Jerry electrical system part 2

A few updates on the camper trailer electrical system and preparation for the Drifta kitchen which is on the way in a truck.

Wiring for the EvaKool 60L fridge, lights, and DC outlets done. I used 6mm wiring for the fridge with a 50A anderson plug to reduce any significant voltage drop. I used 4mm wiring for the DC outlets, lighting, and water pump. The lengths are around 2m long each.

I ‘cut’ the steel kitchen off the tailgate with a grinder and dremel, it was a lot of work but I got there. I’ve touched up the smoothed-over grinds with some rust-proof paint and will eventually paint it in matching trailer colour.

The Drifta DPOR w/FB SL (drifta pull-out w’ return, w’ fridge box, in stainless look) and EvaKool fridge is on the truck and on the way over, it’s due next Tuesday! Very exciting!

One issue I have that will need addressing is that my annex is only about 6ft6in off the back of the camper and this new kitchen really needs an 8ft annex to fit nicely under cover. I’ll be organising some custom canvas work soon to manufacture a bigger annex as well as some extra walls, etc.

The electrical system tests have been great. I’ve charged the 120AH battery from solar, 240V charger, and from the FJ. It’s a very flexible system that should support any style of camping or touring. All coming together nicely for our next big trip up north to Shark Bay!

fridge and lights/DC outlets wiring under the bedbase
LED light strips with dimmer switches. One for main tent, one for reading
DC outlets and plugs for annex LED lighting strips
float charging off the Projecta IC2500
Getting ready to remove the steel kitchen, with a grinder
removed! still needs a final paint
Water Pump installation
Water Pump installation
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