even more shade

So here it is, setup, with tarp temporarily acting the role of canvas until I can get something decent made up. Went to the beach and trialed this, works very well, loads of shade, the family loved it.

Items purchased (not including the two ARB awnings on the FJ):

2x 2.4m tent spreader poles (have holes in each end which attach to the ARB awnings on one end and the single extra twist lock tent pole on the corner)
1x extending twist-lock alu tent pole (for corner)

No modifications to anything, no hacking, drilling, etc. Just unpack the three poles, and attach them to the existing ARB awnings (using the existing ARB horizontal twist-lock pole pins), and add the third (corner) tent pole.

I’m currently trying to source some matching rip-stop canvas. I think it’s 6oz. I’ll probably velcro it to the poles just like the ARB units do.


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