Ever arrived at a campsite to find you cannot get your tent pegs hammered in to the ground? Or there’s a sign at the caravan park reception that says “loan drill available to drill holes for tent pegs”?

I’ve been there, I’ve destroyed countless tent pegs and ended up pretty frustrated. To be honest, after a really long drive on the trails, the last thing you want to be doing is fighting with getting pegs in the ground.

When looking for a better solution I came across the Snow Peak forged stakes, on the http://www.drifta.com.au/ website. I checked out the video and was amazed. Have you seen it? Luke the drifta is literally hammering these stakes in to the hardstand at the Drifta factory. I had to have them.

The stakes come in three sizes (20cm, 30cm, 40cm) and are dead straight (no bend at the top), with a hook and hole forged in to the top for easy removal or tethering of ropes. The reason they work so well is because of that straightness. The strike area at the top of the stake is dead centre and in-line with the stake itself meaning you can drive them straight in, like a nail.

The non-strike side of the hammer includes a really handy ‘hook’ for the removal of stakes.

I started with the “Medium Hammer Combo” http://www.drifta.com.au/medium-hammer-combo/ and built on the kit not long later with even more. The medium combo comes with six (6) 30cm stakes and eight (8) 20cm stakes, as well as the Snow Peak copper head hammer and a canvas drifta tote to carry the kit in. (my photos show the Snow Peak tote)

The 20cm stake size is ideal for firm ground for ground sheets, low-duty guy ropes and tent or camper floors/bases. The 30cm stakes are great for the same, or, for heavier duty purposes, or if the ground is less firm (they drive in further).

Over time I have added to the collection and now have around forty (40) stakes in total, with an almost equal split between the 20cm and 30cm size.

with eight small bluescrews (not included) stuffed in the tote

The Copper head hammer provides a more accurate strike due to the softer metal on the head allowing for less slippage upon contacting the stake. Being copper also means there is less shock or impact through the hammer in to your hand and arm. A pleasure to use. Over time the head will disfigure or deform due to being soft, but it is easily ‘massaged’ back in to shape on a bench vice or even replaceable if needed.

When wanting to remove the stakes, just insert the hammer ‘hook’ into the stake hole and twist from side to side to loosen, then pull up. Looking closely at the stakes, you can see part of the forged shape is oval. How this works is, by twisting the stakes from side to side, that ‘oval’ shape helps to enlarge the hole in the ground for easy removal. (the stakes aren’t exactly round, for good reason)

handy carry tote

When I’m done at camp I wipe the stakes off and pack them away, if they are really filthy I will get them out again at home and wash them all in a bucket. The Snow Peak stakes are hand-forged in Japan and built to last a lifetime. I actually think they would last many lifetimes.

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