Drifta ‘bootliner’ bags

Recently, our friends at Drifta have been busy developing more and more products, the ideas may never end! With a full-time ‘canvas’ shop running at Drifta, great gear is pouring out of the workshop and in to the online store

Last week I got my hands on two new products out of the Drifta canvas shop. Both “bootliner” soft-bags. “Bootliner” is the carpet used for, well, lining car boots, i suppose almost like a marine carpet, extensively used at Drifta for a variety of products coming out of multiple workshops there, including the kitchens and drawers workshops.

Someone at Drifta had the clever idea of using the bootliner material to make up soft-cases for other products, including pots/pans/crockery, saws, blades, chopping boards, you name it, and why not, it’s a great material that is not only soft, but holds shape well. Ideal for protecting gear.

I have the ‘medium’ Snowpeak chop-board kit which I keep in the back of the 4WD ALWAYS. I keep it in the original plastic packaging that it arrived in, which isn’t that great, and honestly, only designed to show the product in a showroom. The new bootliner bag fits the chop board well, has lovely webbed edging, velcro opening, and most of all protects the kit well. It also has room for an extra butter knife or similar! video:

Next up, a similar ‘bootliner’ soft-case for my Silky Bigboy folding pull saw (also available from Drifta, and now a crucial bit of kit in the 4WD for track clearing, cutting firewood, and more)

I can now keep the ‘bigboy’ secure, protected from all the other stuff floating around in the 4WD drawers, and, keep spare blades with it too!

Drifta ‘weekender’ canvas bag, bootliner soft-case, Silky Bigboy folding saw, spare medium blade, spare large blade

Jump on the Drifta website and search for “bootliner” to see all the great ways gear can be protected!

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