I guess it’s not really a blog without an “about page”. “about” pages have been on blogs and websites for as long as I can remember. I still remember my first website “dimension X”, it was basically a blog, before there was such a thing as a blog, I started that site around 1993! It was developed on an old apple mac and I’m quite sure the site logo was done up in MS paint. Wow, that was over 20 years ago.


My name is James, I’m one part of four in my crew which includes my wife Melissa, son Spencer and daughter Charlotte. We live in Perth, Western Australia.

I like coffee, camping, fishing, four-wheeling and chilling with my family. I work in ICT for state-government, where I’ve been employed full time for sixteen years. I have an I.T. background.

If I can combine my passions, I will, so as you can imagine, I like to drink coffee whilst four-wheel-driving to a fishing spot when out camping. phew!

I take photos on my trusty Canon 600D SLR with the kit lens, and a 50mm cheapy lens. I also take photos and video on my iPhone and Gopro Hero 3 black.

I sort my photos using “photos” on my mac. I cut my video’s with iMovie. I don’t have a lot of time for editing, so like to keep it simple, these tools do the job.

You can find me on Facebook (if I know you), Instagram, twitter, flickr, tumblr, and youtube

We love camping, and try to get out as much as possible, it is a great way to unwind, even if most of the time it requires a lot of effort.

I’m the kind of guy that likes to have the right tools for the job. I rarely compromise on quality gear for adventures. I’m big on “Australian made” or “Australian owned” and will always support “Australian” first. You’ll notice that I plug Drifta on this web site a lot, they are a great company doing great things here in Australia, check them out.

If you’d like to work together on something in particular, let me know, I’m always keen for a challenge or a collab. If you’d like to send me some gear to check out (review, use, write about, attempt to destroy), go ahead.

Cya on the trails